Team Plans Longest Ever Electric Motorcycle Trip

A groupe of motorcycles riding in a twisty mountain road A team of two men and one woman plan to make their second attempt at the longest ever expedition on electric motorcycles.

The team, calling themselves “Expedition Electric”, plan to ride their specially-built electric motorcycles 25,000 miles through fifteen countries.

JC Davis, Greg Smith, and Danell Lynn hope to ride from Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska to the southernmost point of Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina.

## Second Attempt This will be the team's second attempt, after their original attempt failed due to battery problems. They had made it from Alaska, through the Yukon, and were on the way to British Columbia when a battery failure put an end to their trip.

“We want to be able to highlight green technology as we go and show its possibilities. So many people out there are either misinformed or just don’t know enough about electric vehicles.”, said JC Davis.

On their original attempt, they travelled 120 miles per day, but hope to far exceed that range this time around. They are also hoping to interest a TV company who would follow their trip along the Pan-American Highway.

“If the funding shows up, we will go this year and what I’ve said to everybody is we are probably looking to start again early in 2019.", said Davis. “Hopefully, that will be with new bikes, and we are currently talking to battery and solar companies. We would like to be able to use solar power to charge the bikes but that will require a fair amount of energy.”

“Once we get going and get that momentum, we want to ship over to Africa and do the same there, and then in Europe. Phase Three would probably be across Asia.”

We wish the team all the best, and you can be sure we will keep you updated when the ride begins!

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