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Motorcycle Safety CourseMotorcycle Mastery contains the accumulated wisdom of the author’s thirty-five years of motorcycle riding and motorcycle rider training. It constitutes a motorcycle safety course in book form.

Have you ever ridden with someone whose riding seems to be effortless? For whom nothing comes as a surprise? For whom traffic lights seem to miraculously change at will? For whom gaps in traffic and passing opportunities seem to present themselves just when needed? Have you ever ridden with someone who seems to be riding at an extremely relaxed pace, yet seems to be making effortless progress such that a deceptively fast pace is being kept up?

I came across such a rider back in the eighties. I had been riding motorcycles daily for some fifteen years up until that point, and I thought I knew all there was to know about riding. I was wrong. This “magician” was introduced to me the first day that I began my advanced motorcycle training. I was thoroughly humbled and mesmerised by this person, and from that day forward, I undertook to study hard, immerse myself in all avenues of advanced motorcycling, and make myself the very best street rider I could be.

Along the way, not only did I reap the obvious benefits of enhanced safety as I ride, but I discovered the great pleasure that can be derived from doing something to the best of my ability. I discovered that, much as, say, a musician, may derive great pleasure from playing a difficult piece of music with finesse, the same pleasure could be derived from riding a motorcycle well. In short, I discovered the appreciation of Motorcycle Mastery.

In writing this book, my ambition is to share with my fellow riders the pure pleasure of riding well, and to humbly offer the accumulated results of my experience and study over the thirty-five years that I have been riding and involved in rider training. For, as I learned back in the eighties, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.

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It is a commonly-held belief that riding well begins and ends with control of your machine. The author contends that mere control of your machine - while a necessary skill - is a small part of what it takes to be a competent, well-rounded, and, most importantly, a safe rider. Far more important are the skills necessary for truly being the master of our environment; for negotiating our way through the hazards we face every day out on the road in a safe, competent and masterly efficient manner.

It is these skills that are presented in Motorcycle Mastery. Beginning with some basic control skills to lay the foundation, the author then takes us through more and more advanced techniques not taught in common motorcycle license courses with a view to really honing our skill level, and making us the very best, and safest, riders we can be.

Topics include:

362 Pages (page count varies depending on your e-reader settings). Over 100 illustrations.

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