Quin Smart Helmets Automatically Detect Crashes

Man wearing a motorcycle helmet There’s an interesting project live on KickStarter right now. It is designed to be your guardian angel in the unfortunate event that your get-off leaves you unable to call for help.

More and more people are taking advantage of Bluetooth when riding nowadays. Bluetooth enables riders to listen to their music, interact with their GPS for directions, make and receive phone calls, and control their smart phone’s intelligent assistant. Most attach an external module, such as the Sena, and increasingly, helmets are starting to come already equipped with the technology.

The Quin Smart Helmet, however, takes things quite a bit further. Aside from the aforementioned abilities, they come equipped with what Quin calls the “Intelliquin Crash Detection System”. With the use of smart algorithms that measure speed, rapid deceleration and the peak g-force, the helmet will automatically alert your emergency contacts if it detects a crash—providing them with your location.

SOS Beacons

Quin Helmet with Smartphone app Quin also implements a system they call “SOS Beacon Patrol”. This allows the rider to manually trigger an alert—even when on the move. The SOS Beacon sends your live GPS location to nearby responders who can respond and coordinate with your location to provide support. It also triggers the IntelliQuin™ BLACKBOX, which auto-records ambient sound. This recording can be used to review the problem, and in serious cases, can be used as evidence of crime or harassment.

Showing different Quin Helmet models

There’s an App for That

The Quin appOf course, all this technology is brought together with a smart phone app, which provides “health data during a crash, safety tips, biker news and more”.

In future releases, they plan for the app to have additional features such as ride analysis, custom maps and weather, traffic conditions and more.

The helmets, which are DOT and ECE certified, are said to be extremely light.

It’s certainly an interesting project. I notice that, at the time of writing, they have already doubled their goal of $30,000, so it looks like the project will be going ahead. Expected delivery is September of this year.

If you’d like more details, or feel like backing this project, head over to KickStarter for more details.

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