Yamaha Resonator Concept

Yamaha ResonatorAmong the other concept vehicles showing this week at the Tokyo Motor Show is this little gem. It’s the Yamaha Resonator 125 concept. It is Yamaha’s vehicle aimed at capturing the attention of “young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling.”

The single-cylinder, 125cc fuel-injected engine is conventional. Less conventional, however, is the styling, which includes wood panelling on the sides of the tank, and brass detailing.

A decidedly modern instrument cluster belies the otherwise retro—even caf feel of the machine. Some people may not know that Yamaha was originally (and still is) a musical instrument manufacturer. Their famous logo is, after all, three tuning forks. Yamaha say that the wood inlay is the same as used on their guitars, and the brass engraving produced by the same techniques they use on their brass and woodwind instruments.

Now, the above description contains all the ingredients for a spectacular visual train-wreck, but I think they have produced a fine looking machine. What do you think?

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