Sink Hole Swallows Man and Motorcycle

Augusta, Georgia – A simple trip to the store turned quickly into a nightmare on Thursday for rider Don Merritt.

He was on his way to the local Target store to return some T-shirts, and decided to take a detour around the rear of the store to avoid the speed bumps. The next thing he knew, he woke up in hospital.

Sustaining thankfully non-life-threatening injuries, Don Merritt says he remembers little about the incident. “I had a cracked skull and they were doing a CT scan. They told me I was injured. That I’d fallen in a sinkhole,” said Merritt.

Fire crews lowered a ladder down fifteen feet to where Don had landed, and he managed to climb out. His Honda Goldwing was later lifted out by crane.

Thankfully, he wasn’t injured too badly, so we may allow ourselves a little levity: It’s a large hole, and city officials are looking into it.

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