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Positioning – Part Two

Greetings, fellow riders! This post is a continuation of the topics introduced in my last post: Positioning – Part One. I would encourage you to read that post, if you haven’t previously, before returning to continue.

You may remember that in my previous post on positioning, we had established a “default” position to maintain in the road unless external influences force us to consider deviating from it. I had outlined three things that may cause use to deviate from our default position:

  1. When doing so would give us a better view of the road, and traffic/hazards ahead.
  2. When doing so would give another road user a better view of us. I call this “presenting” to a potential hazard.
  3. When doing so would give us a greater “buffer zone” between a perceived hazard and us.

Let’s ease back into things with a couple of simple examples of the above: Continue reading Positioning – Part Two