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Scanning and Hazard Fixation

I’d like now to talk about a very important skill that the safe rider practises continually — Vigilant Scanning.

On the other side of the coin is a phenomenon that strangely seems to affect those of us on two wheels more than it does drivers of “regular” vehicles – Hazard Fixation.


Less experienced, or less vigilant riders may approach the scene below with the kind of concentration shown here:

Motorcycle. Scanning

They are largely concentrating on what appears to be the immediate hazard, and not really taking in the whole environment. This may be due to sheer lack of experience on the road (a few close-calls is sometimes a very effective, but harsh, teacher). Or it may be because, as a less experienced rider, too much of their concentration is being taken up with controlling the machine.

Whatever may be the cause, what we need to aim for is a constant scanning of the environment, taking in visual clues, and actively seeking the most information from our surroundings. Like this: Continue reading Scanning and Hazard Fixation