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Small Bikes. Big Fun.

Forgive me a little trip down memory lane. Like many people of similar age, I started my motorcycle journey young, and on small motorcycles. Back in England, when I was sixteen years old, the biggest bike we were allowed to ride were 50cc mopeds. Given this restriction, I was faced with the very real and terrifying prospect of inheriting my father’s step-through moped—a Puch MV50 in British post office livery—and I wasn’t happy about it. Puch MV50That machine sufficed for when I was fourteen or fifteen. I would play truant from school and take it out of the shed while my parents were at work, and gun around town—mercifully disguised behind a helmet. License? Insurance? Old enough to even have a license? Pfft. Mere details. I was nearly old enough to ride. It was fun and it beat the hell out of my bicycle, but that kind of machinery wasn’t going to cut the mustard when I reached the heady age of sixteen. Oh no. Continue reading Small Bikes. Big Fun.


Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept

Yamaha Resonator 125Among the other concept vehicles showing this week at the Tokyo Motor Show is this little gem. It’s the Yamaha Resonator 125 concept. It is Yamaha’s vehicle aimed at capturing the attention of “young people who have not yet discovered the joys of motorcycling.”

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Deer – It’s a Four-Letter Word

Deer strikes on a motorcycleDeer Strikes. Lessening the Odds

Would you like to know the two things that make me most uncomfortable as a motorcyclist? They’re both four-letter words: Deer and Text. Sadly, they’re both things that we—as motorcycle riders—know only too well. Today, I’d like to talk a little about the former. Continue reading Deer – It’s a Four-Letter Word